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Valhalla submitted a new resource:

Export Conversations - Allow your users to download their personal conversations in various formats.

This XenForo add-on allows your users to export their conversations in various different formats, including, HTML, XML and plain text.

You can choose to display the export option from within the conversation itself, or as an additional option in the inline tools drop-down. The inline tool will allow you to export more than one conversation at a time.

The HTML output is fully customisable from within the XenForo template system.

User Functionality:

If the user has permission, and the...

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This would be great if you could use this to download everything and then mass leave all conversations when finished (as an option)

I just came over from vBulletin and didnt clear my PM box and now have over 25,000 conversations...
Thanks for the suggestion, and that scenario does make sense.

Although, you would still need to go through each page selecting all conversations (it if were to adhere to how XenForo currently deals with "mass" actions, which only allow page-by-page selection). It may be more preferable to have an "Export All" option, instead of downloading only the ones you select, then you could choose to "Leave All" too.

I won't say for certain this will be added, but I shall note it.
That would be AWESOME if it could be done. I know my members would love it too since all their PM's came over as well and i ts a pain to leave them all one by one. :)

I would definately buy it if you had that!
I've decided to implement this feature because I feel it's more useful than the current option, which is to select conversations from the conversation list. I will remove the option to export selected threads, because it seems redundant when this feature becomes available.

The update will offer the ability to export ALL conversations in a chosen format, and then to opt which leave option they would like to use. The conversation list will have a drop-down option, like threads do with "Thread Tools":

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 20.14.37.webp

Hopefully it will be ready in the next few days.
This is great, I've been waiting for this.

Two things though:

  1. The option "Leave All" can be misleading to newbies, we all know that "leave" means delete the conversation, but at first glance I thought that actually meant "leave where it is". (Pointless I know but it had me confused for a minute. I changed the phrase to "Leave All (delete)"
  2. Can we have an import option please?
Thanks for the comments.

I tried to keep the terminology used by default XenForo, which is why I termed the tool 'Leave All'. Besides, the user receives an explanation of the action once the option is clicked on, so that reduced any accidental removal of conversations. It's good that you adjusted it to suit your needs though. :)

I'm cautious about implementing an import tool because conversations affect more than one person.

Typically we import things as administrators, like styles, smilies, and languages. I feel giving such a tool to users (to import conversations, after having previously exported) increases the risk of misuse.
Just after installing this, the link

Style by SlickMovie

appeared under my forum. After updating it disappeared.

Valhalla updated Export Conversations with a new update entry:

Version 1.1.3

New Features / Changes:
  • When exporting in HTML or text format, participants are now displayed as a list of usernames within each conversation group (nesting). In addition to this, the last reply date and the number of replies is displayed.
  • When exporting more than a single conversation, the overlay will now close upon confirmation of the file download.
  • The generated HTML has...

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actually it was /upload/library/Valhalla/Export/Conversation

Usually it's separate, that caught me out.
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