Not a bug Expired bannings are not returning the member to the registered usergroup


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I had an interesting case today.

I recently imported from vBulletin 3.8. There was a banned member for 3 days (from vBulletin, banned for reaching a certain infractions threshold). On XenForo, the user was unbanned after the 3 days (banned - old value: yes / new value: no) however he wasn't moved back to the registered usergroup. On vBulletin all banned people were moved to a banned usergroup. On XenForo I have also configured a banned usergroup and set it properly on "Add User Group on Ban" (it's the same banned usergroup imported from vBulletin).

I'm not sure if this problem happens only with migrated data or also could happen on a stock XF.


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That would be an import related issue. There is no concept of "moving" groups in XenForo. As such, things that happened pre-import will not necessarily change post import.

The group will be changed if the ban happens in XF.


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Then I guess I have some member's accounts to review... is there a query that I can run to list the members that were unbanned within the last 7 days?