XF 1.5 Expandable "Members Online" in sidebar


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Has anyone ever made the Members Online block in the sidebar expandable? This is the same function used for lengthy quotes, where the "overflow" is hidden until clicked on.

The issue is that we have several hundred members logged in during peak hours, and the staff prefers to see the online members all in one list, as opposed to clicking the "...and ### more" link at the bottom and ending up at a different place entirely (where we'd have to hunt and peck through 50 or more pages of visitors. I have the block set to display 500, but we exceed that daily now, and I don't like that this sidebar extends so far down on the forum home (it's double the height of the forum list). I would, however, want to keep the totals intact at the bottom.


No luck searching here to see if anyone has done this. I've seen some of the CSS for the quote block, but where/how to apply any of it to do what I want is a bit of a mystery (and my coding days are long past).