XF 2.2 Exclude articles from unanswered thread list



I have an articles forum. But when I publish threads on it, they appear in "Unanswered threads" list

'Articles' are not 'questions', so they usually don´t have 'answers'

Is there an easy way to exclude articles from unanswered thread list?



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There is nothing built in which will do that.

It would require custom development to do it properly.

You could edit the find_threads_list and use some conditional code to remove array entries which match a specific node ID, but the results would likely be less than desirable and cause issues with page totals.


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You can install this widget and:
Choose "Threads do not have reply"
Then choose the forums you want (excluding article forums)
Create a full page widget, place it in a page
Edit the link in nav to go to the new page

Or, use a a sidebar widget, etc.

This won't work if you have articles mixed with other thread types in the same forum.
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