XF 1.1 Everything throws be back to mainpage

Hello guys,

I installed Xenforo a few days ago and I noticed a problem. I already talked about that with Jake but we can't find an answer.

Ok, here is the problem:

It usually comes sometimes (sporat). My forum thows me back on the mainpage when I try to click something. It takes no matter what I am clicking. Everything throws me back on the mainpage. For example when I move the curser to the "nickname" (you normally should see the Profile) but in this window is just the mainpage "crazy". Every link brings me to the startpage. The currect link is shown in the firefox or internet explorer. After some seconds (between 30 and 3 minutes, I don't know) is everything fine and it works. My User and I got this problem somethimes a day.
Maybe you guys have an idea ?!?!?

Thank you guys...

Greetings Poison

Jake Bunce

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FYI for others... it is as if the server is intermittently ignoring the query string (no friendly URLs). Randomly all URLs will load the index page. I haven't even been able to debug this because it happens randomly.

My guess is a server problem of some kind. But beyond that general diagnosis I have no idea.
I am the host, but there is no error in the log files.
Just for your information guys, I am using Parallels Plesk Panel 11 and Remote-Desktop.
I am hosting 2 other Forums and they are working fine.
Hello, it's me again :p

I've setup the Forum and installed 2 Add-Ons (KeyCaptcha and Nodes as Tabs) and everything worked perfectly.

I've also noticed that the Forum itself is very slow and laggy means if i click on a Link or try to open the Member Card it loads and loads so it takes very long, i know this is not the Problem right now but just wondering what's causing this.

My real Problem is now that if i click on a Link (Members , Threads) or open Membercard it just loads the Index all the time.

So it practically "refreshes" the Forum only no matter what Link i click.

The Forum is http://www.insanitygaming.org

Maybe you could give me a Hint what's causing the Lag and/or The Index problem.

Thank you in advance !

It's working now ... randomly !?
that's very very strange... just before i clicked every Link and nothing and after writing this Thread it worked again.
Just saw this Thread http://xenforo.com/community/threads/everything-throws-be-back-to-mainpage.35946/ and got the exact same Problem which occurs randomly.
I'm writing down my Server specs in case you need them:
Hosted vServer with Windows Server 2008 R2
Parallels Plesk Panel 10.4.4 with Apache and PHP 5.3
Connection over Remoted Desktop

- Doug Heffernan
I have nearly the same specs....

I am using Parallels Plesk 11 , Windows Server 2008 and after the Problem I reinstalled the webserver and PHP and updated PHP from 5.2 to 5.3. Nothing helps :(

Jake Bunce

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Hmmm... two people with the same problem, a problem that I have never seen until the two of you. You guys should definitely compare notes. See if you have anything in common between your two forums/servers.
Doug, where is your host and what provider are you using ? Normaly it takes no matter, because the servertools I am using are the same tools then the other guys have. But i. Germany we usually say that the devil is a squirrel.
Mhh... I am using a dedicated host of Server4you. Do you have an error in your log ? I am hosting 4 domains including 3 forums.
No , i don't have any Server Errors and this magicly Problem happens randomly.

Is your Forum also sooo slow like mine ?

The previous Forum (MyBB) was very fast when clicking on Links and i'm sure it's not a problem of XenForo itself.
no it is not. But I think there is something incompatible in Xenforo, because the other forums are working fine. Something is wrong there. I dont know.It comes completely random. Sometimes when I just click a link or click on the banner or something else. How about you ?
Well i can just say what changes i made for XenForo to even install it because i never had to change anything on my Webshost before.

I was running PHP 5 which had not MYSQLi installed so i changed in Plesk from PHP 5 to PHP5.3 and installed XenForo.

Then i had errors when trying to import Styles or Addons (500 Internal Server Error) because XenForo had no rights to use C:\Windows\Temp so i added open_basedir in Plesk to {DOCUMENTROOT}\;C:\Windows\Temp and it worked.

That's all, maybe it's the PHP Verson?

About the problems, after changing the open_basedir i had several 500 Internal Server Error when clicking on MemberCard or clicking Links so it was 50/50 that the 500 Internal Server Error occured.

I've just changed the basedir back to Standart then changed again like above and since then it worked without any Errors and today i noticed this "Back to Index" problem which lasted about 5 minutes.

Now it seems that everything works but it's very slow.

-Doug heffernan
I think that the back to index problem will come back. The problems came up before I installed addons and The php version I had should be stable for Xenforo. But then there came this problem and I reinstalled everything and updated php. Its like I said, nothing helped. I had no errors on install or after that. But I think that you should reboot your machine cause your timeouts . It helps sometimes. You can also login your Remote and use the console and you should try to ping a site like google over time. Maybe Xenforo has problems with the links with the webserver.

Maybe the webserver have a problem with these:

Use Full Friendly URLs

If you enable this option, the links generated by the system will not include "index.php?". However, to enable this, mod_rewrite must be available and an appropriate .htaccess file must be in place.

Include Content Title in URLs

With this disabled, a URL such as /threads/my-thread.128/ would exclude the title and be output as /threads/128/
I think it has something to do with the last one (Include content Title in URLs)

Maybe we can reproduce it somehow by clicking on a special link which "raises" the Problem.
Its not a special specific link. Its sometimes just the refresh button of the browser .
we should add a htaccess instead of the index.php .... maybe there is something in this file
Here is a small update.
  1. My problem isnt only solo side
  2. The following two options don't belong to the problem

Use Full Friendly URLs

If you enable this option, the links generated by the system will not include "index.php?". However, to enable this, mod_rewrite must be available and an appropriate .htaccess file must be in place.

Include Content Title in URLs

With this disabled, a URL such as /threads/my-thread.128/ would exclude the title and be output as /threads/128/

I tested both, checked or unchecked, nothing helps.
Well i've found out that there is something wrong with my IIS Application Pool also no htaccess files works (due Plesk configs) and my vServer is broken at all (i think due an update).
I've send an Ticket to my Hosting Provider to review the Problems and if nothing helps i will switch to Linux because it's just the best System for Webhosting on my mind.

Why i don't really try to "find" the problem is that my Community (Users) suffers under this long Forum switch period so that i need to setup everything as fast as possible.

-Doug Heffernan