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EverQuest related Fansite seeking some help


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So my EverQuest related fansite draws closer and closer to completion by the day. In fact, at this rate I could see it going live very very soon.

With that, I figured I'd ask here first to see if anyone might be interested in helping out with this project. I have a few staff positions that I am intending to fill as time goes on and I see how people are, but it could be nice to have a couple of people already enlisted to help out prior to launch.

So what is it I have then?

First off, my site is about EverQuest Next the MMORPG upcoming game. It is not about EverQuest Next Landmark the currently in Alpha Minecraft type MMO. While they both are somewhat linked and I do intend to offer some Landmark based prizes, the real purpose of the site is for the main game.

My site is about Community Events and Tournaments. That means a fully bracketed championship system that determines a winner through PvP matches and awards that winner with some awesome prizes. I used to run these types of events for a game called PlanetSide. Back then we gave out an iPod, an Xbox Kinect, and we had Sony Online Entertainment sponsor the tournaments and give out in-game awards. Now-a-days I plan on doing that same thing and giving out various prizes such as a gaming mouse and even Station Cash raffles.

It's not only for PvP either. Not everyone likes to PvP. In these cases we offer events such as scavenger hunts and foot races.

So here's the positions that I need help with, if any of these interest you please let me know.

Video Editing and Capture:
These are the YouTube fanatics. They record video of of our events and compile them so we can upload them to YouTube for everyone to see. They have a passion for directing video and always seem to know how to get the right angles.

Visual Streaming and Commentary:
These guys know how Twitch.tv works and dedicate a lot of their time to streaming games live. They are responsible for streaming our events live and doing commentary. They must have charisma, a clear understanding of the English language (US or UK) and people should enjoy watching them.

Social Media Coordinator:
They live and breathe on Social Media. Facebook and Twitter galore, they keep our social sites up to date with all current news and announcements. They engage users on Social Media and are constantly driven to network and branch out to reach more fans. They will need a fluent understanding of English in written form (US or UK).

Graphic Designer:
Not website graphics, but rather ads, banners, and promotional images. They create magic in the art of imagery and understand how to capture a crowd with visual effects.

The backbone behind everything. They create using code and have fluent understanding of all things XenForo and scripting. This is a paid position.
-Anyone that has developed satisfactory results on the site that joins the site will automatically be placed into this Usergroup.

Basic Moderators. They not only enforce the rules and ensure order on our site, but also on our voice server (mumble), and also within the game while we are running our events. But above all else, they engage users on the forum. They answer questions and create inspiring and interesting content. They drive the forum onward through interaction and encouragement.

This is a "Senior Moderator". They perform all of the same tasks as the Adjudicator with one exception. Instead of enforcing the rules during an event, they are usually instead running the event. This means they need to have knowledge about Sponsorships and they need to communicate with sponsors. They organize and inspire teamwork, and they ensure all pieces are in place such as the Video Capture guy to record and the Visual Streaming guy to Stream.

If you plan on playing EverQuest Next and a site that performs Community Activities sounds like it could be for you, please let me know which of the positions above sound best to you. Understand that several spots such as the Chancellor and the Developer may be harder to get into as you have to prove yourself capable of these things.
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