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XF 1.2 Error's When Creating user From Admin Panel!

i get this error no matter how legit the user is or fake,

Console Error log:

when that error occurs i noticed the the user is still made when i look for it but it gives me that error instead of a successful message. and its not any of the add ones because i turned off all the new add ones i recently installed and it still gave me that problem!
If you disable all add-ons (regardless of how long ago you installed them), does it function?
im doing that now took took my site down from normal mems to do that + rebuilding all templates after disabled all add ones if i still get same issue i will post here
ok seems like it works dam add ones causing problems again.. ok i am going through the list slowley enabling them and creating temp accounts via admin panel to see where i get error...
i am trying to slowly enable few add ones at a time but some of them require templates to be rebuilt and its taking for eva like what 30-50 min to re Build! i am on dedicated server with DDR High performance RAM and quad core CPU and i not using much of it..