XF 2.2 errors in xenforo


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Hey guys, my forum was working right for days suddenly it starts stopping and weird things happened, I got many errors. in the picture you see 40 full pages with errors I refresh it and now I have 45 pages full of errors it seems like every 1 hour I got more errors here. whats the problem please?

Do you have any errors there for database connection issues? Does the theme work okay generally?
it was working very good for weeks suddenly this happened, and the website works fine but sometimes it makes weird layouts and sometimes I got internal server error and after refreshing it will work but not always
It's likely there's an unrelated error happening (usually database connection issues) which means XF can't load the active addons from the database, which means it doesn't load the UI.X addon and doesn't define these functions. The same thing would happen with other addons that use custom properties or functions in templates, it's just more noticeable with UI.X due to the number of uses of the custom functions. The errors will be in batches all happening at the same time, if you go back to the first error at a particular time, it will probably be something to do with a database connection.
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