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XF 1.2 Error while installing xenForo

Discussion in 'Installation, Upgrade, and Import Support' started by Yashjeet, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. Yashjeet

    Yashjeet Active Member


    I have xenForo installed and my webserver is up. I currently am hosting a VPS from RamNode and I don't know why this error pops up! The error is at www.raiderspvp.com

    I entered all my MySQL details correct however, before when I was entering and when I tried to move over to Part 2, it said my configurations were valid, and it told me to save the configuration to the folder "Library" and I did. I then clicked Continue with Installation and this error has came accross -

    The following error occurred while connecting to the database:

    Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
    This indicates that your configuration information is not correct. Please check the values you have entered. If you are unsure what values are correct or how to proceed, please contact your host for help. These values are specific to your server.

    I really don't have a clue..
  2. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    The error is stating that the values in the library/config.php file don't match with what you have set for the database.

    Double check all of the settings in both.
  3. woei

    woei Well-Known Member

    And I also advise to make a separate user for your Xenforo database which only has access to your xenforo database and not to other database. Don't use the root user for this, that is bad practise.
  4. Yashjeet

    Yashjeet Active Member

    I'm only using 1 xenForo database so.
  5. woei

    woei Well-Known Member

    Just trust me, don't use the root user for this. I bet the password of the root mysql user is the same of your root password of the server? If really needed I can help you to set the correct settings...
  6. Yashjeet

    Yashjeet Active Member

    Okay, do you have teamviewer if you'd like to help me? I just need help with this website error then we're all set :)
  7. woei

    woei Well-Known Member

    See conversations
  8. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Well-Known Member

    For future reference, one of the easiest guides I found to help me out was here. Running ANY forum, WordPress or anything using your root account is downright silly. As @woei stated, usually the mySQL and root passwords for the system end up being the same (I always change mine to a VERY complex password so they are different) and if someone happens to get into mySQL then they have access to the keys to the kingdom typically. I have 6 forums and, a Coppermine gallery and 2 WP instances running on one server, and each of them have separate username/password combos and each only have access to their DB.

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