XF 2.2 error Subscription: Error: Invalid business or receiver_email.


Hello I am trying get a solution for one problem but I dont see the correct way, maybe can help.
When a member who subscribes to a subscription on my forum via Paypal I have an error of identification and the member in question does not change group.
The Pay for paypal is correct but the member recive this messaje in Xenforo:
"Thank you for purchasing this subscription.
When the credit memo is approved, the account is
updated." (translate)
And does not change group assigned.
I looked for Control panel and found this error:
Acción: Error: Invalid business or receiver_email.
what it mean? or better, how can I fix?
The "Invalid business or receiver_email" message means the IPN message has a different email address to the one configured in the XF ACP.