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Error message

When I tried to edit a post on my forum I kept getting the following message. Can anybody please explain why I get this? It happens from time to time.

The following error occurred:

Not Acceptable
An appropriate representation of the requested resource /index.php could not be found on this server.


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That's likely going to be a server level issue.

If you contact your host, they may be able to investigate and identify the cause.
Back again.
I am afraid I did not express myself very well when I asked how to delete a message. I meant to ask how do I delete the conversation?
There is an avatar in the conversation that is bolded somehow in blue, and it is called 'Unknown Member'. I have looked it up and there is no-one registered in that name. So there are three questions here:

  • Can I delete a whole conversation started by someone else? I can delete posts and threads, but not conversations.
  • How do I delete the 'Unknown Member'.
  • How is it possible to create an avatar named 'Unknown Member' who is not registered?
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This would imply the conversation involved a user that was since deleted. There's no user registered called that.

You can simply leave a conversation you aren't interested in. When all parties have left it, it will be removed.
Yes, there was somebody
This would imply the conversation involved a user that was since deleted. There's no user registered called that.

You can simply leave a conversation you aren't interested in. When all parties have left it, it will be removed.
Yes, I see that and thank you. Does it mean that if one clicks on the avatar of a deleted member (called 'A' for example) that the system itself kicks in with 'Unknown Member'? There has not been anyone registered as 'Unknown Member'.


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I'm not sure what you're referring to with "clicks on the avatar of a deleted member". The conversation system shows this specifically to indicate that there may be elements that relate to/were created by a deleted member. If there is a link to a deleted members' profile anywhere, it will just display an error message.
One of our members started a conversation. A list of the NAMES of those he invited to the conversation appears on the right-hand side. At the top of that list was an avatar (not a name) with the title 'Unknown Member'.

Tracy Perry

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Well, if you have it set, your users can assign themselves titles...
Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 7.59.51 PM.png
So, was it a user title or user NAME that said "Unknown Member"?
I am sorry I do not know what you mean. All I can tell you is what I have said in above post. An avatar appears and instead of a member's name, it does not contain a symbol or a picture...it contains the words 'Unknown Member'. Under what circumstances does 'Unknown Member' kick in? Could it be a spammer?

Tracy Perry

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ScreenShot example would help.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 8.55.09 PM.png

You have an avatar, then (in this case via an add-on) a mood, then a User name, then a Title (in this case, Unknown Member), then a banner (The 'Bent One).
Which of the above is reflecting as Unknown Member.. the User Name or the Title?

Or are you talking about this one
Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 8.57.41 PM.png
Where it shows a User name then User Title (in the case above Well-Known Member and Never question authority)?

Do you have an add-on that extends the conversation ability?
None of the above.
<<<<<See the avatar left?
Instead of the ? it contains the word "Unknown Member"
It was put there by the member who started the conversation.


I cannot post a screenshot as I have left the conversation.
Besides which screen shots cannot be posted. I have tried to post them, but nothing happens.
I do not know how you did it.

Tracy Perry

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Then they may have uploaded an avatar that says "unknown member".
As for how to upload images to the posts.. just drag the image into the editor box. It should upload just fine. Then you have an option to either insert it into the post as a thumbnail or full size.

If the user is no longer a member (say that the convo was imported from another script) then - from what I read from Mike's post - it would show as an unknown member, but clicking on it will not take you to a user profile.

Tracy Perry

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Existing avatar for the user?
Issue in importation from other script.
Add-on with custom avatars
Style has an unknown member tag on an avatar that the user hasn't chosen male/female for sex.

Since the conversation has been left, it's going to be almost impossible to trace back to what it could be (if it's a valid user with a custom avatar, a custom avatar for no sex choice, etc). I'm assuming you mean that the unknown member was actually in the avatar box.

Tracy Perry

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If you happen to see it again, see if it has a path to the actual avatar (if it's an actual avatar it should show a path to it using something like Chrome developer tools).
There is no way I will see it again. I do not know how to do what you have suggested anyway, any more than I know how to drag an unseen screenshot into an 'edit box' (Whatever that is). :(

As you can see I am a total total dummy. I have to learn from scratch. I want to thank you for trying to help me.

Tracy Perry

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Capture the image (make a screenshot) - find it on your computer.. then drag the image to where you type your reply in - you know, the place where this text is when entering a message - (place your mouse cursor over it and hold the mouse key - think it's the left one but I use a Mac) and then when the image is over where you type the text in release the mouse key - OR you can choose the "Upload A File" button and browse to the image and choose it and it will offer you the option to insert the image as a thumbnail or a full size image.
Thanks you again. I know now how to do it...so when, and if I come across the strange avatar I will do that. In the meantime, I guess there is no point in worrying if it is a scam.