Error In Demo


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Hello All,

I was getting ready to buy a copy of xenForo today, but I encountered a problem in the demo. I tried to ban an IPv6 address, but got the following error.

Please enter a valid IP or IP range. Wildcards may only occur at the end.
I entered the address in its full format and attempted to add it as a prefix. No avail.

Is this expected behavior? I'm building a community geared specifically towards v6 professionals and enthusiasts. If xenForo is not v6 compatible, this is a showstopper for me.



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I don't think IPv6 is supported at present
Eeek! Really? Any news of when it will be implemented? Any workarounds right now for managing things for v6?

I know IPB supports it. I currently have a SMF site that it's working on. I just rather use XF because it's very turnkey and beautiful.


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There was a discussion a while ago you can find if you search for it. I'm not aware of any updates since but hopefully you'll get an official answer soon :)