XF 1.2 Error 520

Always when I or someone else on my forum edits a post that is very long, the request times out like this:

That have never happened before, it started happening some months ago (about when I started to use CloudFlare?). None errors appear in the Server Error Logs when this happens.

Yes, I do not have the newest version of XenForo. I don't want to upgrade just to get the newest version, still my XF 1.2 is a valid lisence. Anyways, I doubt very much this has something to do with the XenForo version. My XenForo version is 1.2.1, anyways.


XenForo developer
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I'm not sure what stage this is happening in, but there are some changes in more recent versions that relate to how the BB code is formatted when editing large posts in the rich text editor (significantly optimizing it). That said, beyond the HTML formatting, when saving an edit, the length of the post shouldn't be a huge factor unless there's an add-on.