Enhanced Link Attribution in Google Analytics


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Do an any of you use Enhanced Link Attribution in Google Analytics?

In-Page Analytics
Use enhanced link attribution
Enhanced link attribution allows us to better track links on your page, but requires a small change to the tracking code. Follow these instructions to setup enhanced link attribution on your site: How to setup enhanced link attribution on my site?

About enhanced link attribution
You can tag your pages to implement an enhanced link-tracking functionality that lets you:

  • See separate information for multiple links on a page that all have the same destination. For example, if there are two links on the same page that both lead to the Contact Us page, then you see separate click information for each link.
  • See when one page element has multiple destinations. For example, a Search button on your page is likely to lead to multiple destinations.
  • Track buttons, menus, and actions driven by javascript.

Lone Wolf

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Is there any way to track clicks back to the page of origin. I know we can see the domain or origin but what about the exact page of origin (assuming it's not a private page).