Ending the year right

steven s

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Just bought my 5th xf license. Two of which are going to be used for public testing.
And for next year, I will focus on developing my other 3 forums that have been neglected. :(

steven s

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:eek: 5 forums? How do you have time for all those? I have enough trouble running the one. :LOL:
By neglecting them. :(
I need to reassess them, then put some money into a style.
Most of my time is spent on my vB forums which are fairly active and 1 xf forum.


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8 hours to 2012. I should blow up my pc to end the year. it's getting sluggish. had it for 5 years. I think that's about the life time of a pc nowadays?

Fred Sherman

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Two years over.


Yeah, baby!

(Whiskey's already flowing here. 18 yr. old Jameson, Irish cheddar and smoked salmon.)