End of the World today - was it AM or PM ? which time zone ? GMT ?

Digital Doctor

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It's noon and I'm not dead ... as best that I can feel.
Does anyone know ..
.. was the world going to end around dinner time ?
lunch time has passed.
or midnight ?


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Listen as a Pagan priestess this stuff is my job so no problem.
You see there's this goddess called Etsaanatlehi. Her eternal promise to humanity is that whenever the universe is on its final spark she'll blow it strong again. Note "whenever" not "when" so it happens a lot.
She's a pretty remote kind of sister but not hostile. Has nothing to do with everyday life. But I guess she is kindly because we don't even notice. It all goes on at the subatomic level.
So it DID end, and restarted. Might happen again quite soon. But Etsaanatlehi keeps her promise. Stops her getting bored.


steven s

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Does that make the Mayans the oldest known trolls? The world just got trolled by the Mayans....ancient style.

Imagine if this was one huge practical joke thought up thousands of years ago lol.
But what good is a practical joke when you can't witness it?