XF 2.2 Emojis display as different sizes for some unknown reason

A few users have started to complain the emojis built into XF are displaying weirdly. Whilst all are the same size as they appear in the drop down box in the tool bar of a post, once posted some will be smaller than others. This is not quite so noticeable when these is accessing the forum from a mobile as the screen size is small and the difference in emoji size is barely noticeable. However, for users accessing the forum via a larger screen such as a 15" laptop or even a 27" iMac the difference becomes more noticeable. This is a screenshot sent to me by a user which demonstrates the issue.

Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 18.05.22.webp

In fact the 6th emoji from the right, now displayed as a circular shooting star is actually supposed to be this emoji 😵‍💫 (face with spiral eyes if it doesn't appear correctly here in this post).

We're running XF 2.2.12

In Options>Messages the following applies;
Emoji Style is 'Emoji by Joy Pixel'
Emoji Source is 'serve from preferred CDN'

It's not a major issue as far as I'm concerned but to some of our users it appears it's a big bug bear and they just cannot live with the issue :confused:

Has anyone else come across this and know perhaps why it's doing it and what can be done to rectify it?

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