emcoded version of Xenforo

Hi there,

I'm currently working on a project where phpBB is getting forked out. I'm just wondering if you are able to provided an encoded version of Xenforo 1.3 & 1.4? I'm happy for it it to be time limited as well.

The reason that I'm asking is because I would like to write a convertor so that people who wants to move away from Xenforo is able to do so.

Ref to project: http://forum.dion-designs.com//p14326/#p14326

I have decided to fork the phpBB3.0.12 code, add the WordPress plugin functionality in a way that simplifies porting 3.1 extensions, and write an ACP interface for plugin management. (To the person who suggested this, thank you, and thank you for joining the team!) Please contact me if this interests you...if enough people get involved, this can be done quickly.
Thank-you :)
We do not have any licenses of that type available.

To point out the obvious, that wouldn't really be in our interest to do so anyway.
Hey there,

That's cool, I wasn't expecting you guys to have anything like that anyway, I was only asking :)

It looks like I will need to wait till someones needs one written and work out what to do then :)

Thank-you for the quick reply :)