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I tried to embed a video using the camera icon and the post looks like this. How should I fix this?


Not XFMG issue. When Vaultwiki is disabled, the video shows properly. Have reported to @pegaus
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I think I purchased media gallery a few months after I purchased XF license.
My XF license expired last month. Will media gallery license expire along with XF license? It looks like that when I log into the member area.


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This is not really a bug in either software but is an expected problem with having two BB-Codes installed that want to use the same tag name. If you are using the Media Gallery, you should disable the GALLERY BB-Code that VaultWiki adds.

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Add-on renewals are tied to the XenForo renewal date.

Specific license queries should be sent via support ticket or contact form (which would have been a quicker response)!