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Lack of interest Embedded Media RSS Feed


Well-known member
I have my one gallery area open for embedded videos http://mycatchat.com/media/categories/funny-cat-videos.2/ . Now what I am doing is feeding this back into a thread in my forum here http://mycatchat.com/threads/funny-videos-from-our-gallery.139/

Now it only post the link to the video in my gallery so is there anyway to be able to post the actual video in the post created as I have the image posted in these posts?

This is the RSS feed itself http://mycatchat.com/media/categories/funny-cat-videos.2/index.rss


XenForo developer
Staff member
I assume you meant this in suggestions, though you asked more of a "support style" question so I'm just going to say it's not currently possible. It's very difficult to translate a block of HTML that represents an embedded piece of media back to the underlying media BB code it represents.


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I think we are suggesting the same suggestion but...

Please improve the feeder. At the moment the feeder is really boring.

It only shows a link to the video, it would be better if it grabbed the video thumbnail BB code