Embeddable Blog/Page Comments (like Disqus)

Is it possible, or are there any add-ons that allow you to embed a XenForo thread into an external page similar to how Diqus works?

That way, instead of fancy integration between external components and your forum, you simply embed the same code and it generates new threads when the first comments are created for those pages.

I'm currently torn between using my static blog + Diqus, integrating a blog with my forum (auto-create thread + store id), or just recreating the blog directly in XenForo. How have you guys tackled this problem in the past?



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I haven't seen anyone do this. There'd need to be some alternative container template to eliminate most of the "chrome" on the page, though that should be doable.

I haven't seen anyone mention the "create on demand" concept for a particular thread. You'd probably need an additional table to map a page URL to a particular thread ID.


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This would certainly be a major enhancement for xenforo. Not only would it allow tight integration with other software, it would also allow you to offer a comments service to third party sites. i.e. other sites can add comments functionality hosted on my servers.
It would be really great if my community would be able to spread over 3rd party websites.
@Mike - you guys don't have any forseeable plans to tackle this do you? If not, I may invest some time into doing it myself. I don't want to maintain any integrations, and I'd love to keep my blog entirely static.

I built a lazy commenting system for one of my past sites, but it operated over RPC. Doing it this way is much simpler and more flexible.

I love Disqus, but I don't want to have two internal communities competing for my attention.



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This is a great idea - would alleviate the need for single sign on across multiple apps if all you want is to allow commenting on articles/news etc.

So, huge thumbs up from me :) this could be a killer feature for XF!

I'm actually launching another site soon, and it wasn't going to have a forum - but if this is added I will install XF on it :D


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I solved this by getting rid of wordpress and posting my blog articles on the forum - now everyone comments there and everything is in one place.