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Embed Google Docs?


Active member
Hey XenForo,

Is there any way to embed Google Docs/Drive into XenCarta or a forum post, and have it update? If not I'll pay someone $10 if they can make one that works well and fits it in well.

Digital Doctor

Well-known member
I heard there was a way to add this to the editor though. I saw it on spout.org I think. Is there a addon for that as well?
Not sure.
I take it you mean add a little "Google Docs" icon to the default Xenforo editor.

Well, I know it's harder to do than you think !

I think you'd need this.

Interestingly enough it seems to have your exact request ... plus alot more.

Google DOCS Viewers:
  1. This BB Code allows to display documents using the "Google Docs - Viewer" (supports many different file types: pdf,ppt,doc,xls...).
  2. Can be wrapped inside another bbcode inside options (for ie: spoiler)
  3. Width and height are specified inside options