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Embed Forum into a Site

I know the typical way of embedding something is with iframes, and for forums, you mostly just try to match the header of both your forum and main site...

I was wondering, is there a way we can embed XF like how the Vanilla Forums Embed feature worked?

here is a video of Vanilla's Embed (although, they dont have it listed as a feature anymore): http://www.screenr.com/M4l


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Iframes are very bad for SEO, amoung other things.

XF is very easy to customize so that it looks like the rest of you site. For example I'm using XF, X-Cart, and a few custom coded systems and it's very hard to tell that they're all complete different systems.

Do you have a link to your current site? Feel free to send it via PM.
Thanks for the quick reply. I haven't tried editing the template yet, I'm a first time user of XF (well, not first time, had it installed for a few months now)

As far as the site goes, the site is still being made, and it will be using WebSpell CMS


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no joke and not being cynical in the least bit...you can make the header area including navigation and breadcrumbs look like anything you want given that you want to take the time to do it right and have or are willing to acquire some html and css skills.

I can help you some but not without seeing anything so feel free to msg me when that time comes