XF 1.5 Emailing New Registrants Who Didn't Complete Activation


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Our registration email password got changed a month or so ago.

I didn't know that.

Forum registration emails weren't going out for about a month.

In that time I received 4 or 5 emails from people saying they couldn't complete their registration.

We realized the problem, and updated the password in the admin.

Is there a way for me to .... maybe .... email everyone who attempted to register in the last "X" days and wasn't able to complete their registration, to notify them that they now can?

Or - Bettter Yet - a way for me to resend the confirmation email to everyone who attempted registration in the last "X" days?


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I can't see who is pending activation in the default admin?

If I have to email everyone manually even with the Addon ... id rather not use an addon just for this one-off event.
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What I do is a mailing list. With the filter awaiting confirmation. Do not send to people more than 90 days as your likely to get a high bounce thus a high spam count.

And tell them to log into the site and re-send an activation email. Usually domain dot com /login/login is the link

If they are interested in participating they will.


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You can do this without any add-ons.

Using Email Users in the ACP, you can select the criteria "Awaiting email confirmation". You can use the Registration date criteria fields to ensure that those registered more than 90 days ago don't get an email.

In your message, you can include the link:


(change the URL for your site) with instructions to click on the link to get an account confirmation email (which when they receive it they'll need to click on to confirm their account).
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