Email phrase problems (language pack problem?)


Hi guys!
Ive never had a forum before and I have limited programming skills so try to be nice and explain on a very basic level, please. :)

I really like this software but its a bit though in the beginning for a someone like me. Ive changed some colours and stuff but now Ive run into some serious problems...

When the forum sends out emails they dont look very good. Users find tags like these in the text:

{username} started a personal conversation with you called "{title}".

As I understand from this thread:

...its about my language pack installation. If its possible I would love to change that stuff myself, but how do I do that? Do I need to revert a file or can I just put in my changes directly?

I tried to go: admin > appearance > search phrases, and searched for i.e. {confirm_link} and found some files where that phrase was to be found. But what do I actually change them to? What values or words or what?


Please help me, I really want to get this thing going! :love:

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
Find the customized phrase:

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Search Phrases

Search for "receiver_username". Revert the phrase (and then retranslate it if you want).


1. Wow it actually seems to work! This is so awesome, thank you very much Jake.

2. One quick question, the email layout is pretty blue, where do I change the colours to make it more greenish..? I would probably find this eventually but I have a lot of translating to do now! (y):)

3. EDIT: Ive only experienced the ugly emails within Registration and PMs, but when I now search for phrases with "email" in them there are 120 such files! I wonder if it is necessary to translate all of them. :confused: And if I do, how do I save them? It would suck if something happened and I had to do it again.

Now: THANK YOU. ;)


Thanks again, I found that not all translated files were corrupt, only those where the translator had used html-tags and stuff. I think its fixed now!