Add-on [$$$] Email of Your New Feed

Some of my members want to receive copies of posts via email.

This is a paid project to develop an add-on that will send an email copy of each new post to a member based upon the member's news feed watch list. These email events will be triggered by the same code that triggers news feed updates.

Please PM me if you are interested.

This is Phase 1 of a larger project. Phase 2 involves creating additional listserv functionality, as briefly discussed in the following thread:

An oldie but a goodie.

If XF could support accepting new posts (and issuing emails) via a listserv type interface; this would be amazing. Half my users love their email and would love to be able to receive new posts (and post) by email.

This wild be huge for XF as a platform; with the demise of mail2forum; there are scant few options out there right now.

I'd be more than happy to help sponsor and help pay for such an add-on.
I am currently searching for a paid developer to build this functionality. Please reply to this thread or PM me if interested.

In my case, I wish to grant members the option to receive email copies of posts filtered either by their News Feed, or Watched Threads or Watched Forums. For me, simply being able to distribute email copies of posts to users is more than half the battle, as many will return to the forum to reply. However, there are some users who wish to reply via email, so providing this additional capability would be fantastic.

This is a high priority for me. Please respond. Thanks.