XF 1.2 Email notifications / Automatic watching on created thread

Hi All,

If our users create a bunch of threads, By default two options are turned on .

1: Automatically watch threads that you create or when you reply...
2: and receive email notifications of replies

Thats fine we want that ...

But after a user creates several threads and then they decide they don't want to receive to email notifications of replies for threads they have created .. They go into account options and turn off receive email notifications of replies, ok all good ..... For new threads they create from then on..

But all the other threads they have already made before turning that option off they still receive email notifications for them, So then they have to go into each thread they created and turn the option off for each one by one, As turning off the receive email notifications only applies to new threads they create from that point on wards.

Is there an easier way of editing the email notifications of threads they have already created after turning off email notifications under user pref's ?

Hi Jake... Thanks .... Yup i know that ... Threads that they create after they turn off email notification in the user account are ok but it only applies that to new threads they then create from that point on... They still get email's for the threads created before they change that option in the user account section, Do they have to edit the OLD threads one by one and turn off the email notification one by one... for threads that have been created before they changed that option in there account ??
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Yes, they will need to unsubscribe from any threads they are currently subscribed to.
The account preferences, once applied, are from that point on for any threads they aren't currently subscribed to.