Implemented Email notifications and subscriptions.

Andrew B.

First, this is not the same as the request elsewhere to be able to post via email. It is about formatting email notifications and email subscriptions so they feel like an extension of the forum. Basically, it sends the emails as html and makes them look and work better.

It's too much work for me to give the details, but I've attached and content of an email I once got from fudforum. Except back then it had some color added that was coming from the CSS on the source forum. The basic idea here is to make email communication look like a simplified forum interface. And in the case of the attached, there could be a series of these formatted messages in an email. And of course, with other types of email it would be formatted differently.



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Yeah, when I first received an email-notification of XenForo. I thought they looked quite 'basic':


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The one thing I missed what a direct link to unwatch this specific thread.