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For some time now I've been struggling with my members not receiving timely email notifications. I've tried all sorts of configs using local and smtp. I've tried the google route and now have eventually settled on Mandrill which gives me some idea of what's going on. I thought I had solved the issue but in the last few days notice that it's raised it's head again.

I've now managed to narrow it down to a pattern. It seems that my Xenforo installation is queueing all email notification on the forum until the point at which I log into the admin panel.

About 2 or 3 minutes later it flushes and all the emails go out. i tested this suspicion this morning and am now sure of it. Sent a few messages back and forward between test accounts. Checked Mandrill and nothing in the outbound logs. Waited for an hour and then logged into the admin panel. About 2 or 3 minutes later everything is flushed out.

So essentially the inconsistency rears it's head when I go for a day or two without logging into the admin section.

Can anyone confirm this or is there something that may be wrong with my install as I have searched through the forum a number of times and found no related info.




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This likely means that you have out of date templates that are preventing deferred processes from being run correctly. When you login to the admin, they get run because you can't customize those.

The template in particular to look at is PAGE_CONTAINER, particularly the classes in the <html> tag. (You should compare your custom changes with the default.)
Spot on, I have a few hanging around that I hadn't sorted yet. (Didn't think they would have any further ramifications than the notification.)

Will get those sorted.

Thanks for such a quick response, much appreciated.



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Look at upgrading to 1.2.1 as well. It makes some changes to help trigger the processes immediately after replying.
Just upgraded to 1.2.1 it and can confirm that sorted it.

Will get those templates done as well as obviously they effect more than just site appearance.

Thanks again.