XF 1.5 Email issues


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Good evening everyone,

I have a rather stupid problem... I have disabled site mailings in "Contact Details", "Privacy" and unticked everything on "Preferences" which says that I would get a notification email.

Still I receive everytime an email somebody answers in a thread. Do I oversee a setting?

Many regards,
Manuel Dürr


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Aaaaah allright, again a little bit more intelligent.

You were such a help over those weeks guys. I got always an answer in under 1 hour, that is unbelievable!

Our new home will be released this weekend, we are finalizing the last bit and then we are ready to start that project. If we had a big party going on (which is quite difficult because we are all spread out over the whole world :D) you would be all invited, a special thank you to @Brogan and @Russ for the tremendous help :)

Cheers and good night guys!