XF 1.5 Email confirmation - Two-step verification


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I don't receive any mail once I click on "confirm mail".
Checked my spam queue but nothing inside...

Also checked my config.php and nothing in relation with Two-step verification.
However, checked my groups and it is disabled for all groups but I did not change anything...

How do I enable this for all groups without forcing the members to use it? I would like this security as an optional security...

Any help will be useful!

Thanks boys.


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There's no option to disable two-step verification; there are only options to force users to use it. Users can always opt-in should they wish.

In terms of not receiving the email, that's generally just standard email debugging. Are you receiving other emails sent by the board, such as when watching a thread? If not, that will need to be resolved; if you are receiving them, you may need to look into your server's mail log to confirm the specific error your server is running into.