XF 1.4 Email confirmation link on custom button.


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So i'm using a custom HTML email for my confirmation email.

Within that email I use the following code for my button:

<td style="padding:5px 0;text-align:center; "><a href="" class="greenbutton">Yes Activate My Account</a></td>
My question is what "link" can I put that will be the user confirm link for their account?

If someone knows and could rewrite the code above please as I don't really code myself.

Also i've managed to put myself into moderation when it comes to new sign ups as i've been testing the email.

Can I somehow get out of that without changing my IP?


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Well xenforo calls the link in the email confirmation template so surely i can use that within my button?

This is what I'm asking as I've tried but I don't code so seeing if/how its done?


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You need PHP code to properly fetch it. It isn't as simple as calling another template, and to complicate it further, you would need a method to determine which link to fetch to activate it.

Where are you using this or attempting to achieve with this?