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Just a basic question, do you recommend us to install your default theme as the parent of the one we would have made with colorizeit or directly install the one made with colorizeit as the parent theme? This question is just to check if the first solution would be quicker for updates (the templates will be the same, so upgrading the new version of your default theme would avoid to recompile it with colorize it in theory).
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Thank you for your prompt updating service, Arty!
I have a basic question to your style(s): Elegance does support, quoting:
  • Resource Manager
  • xenPorta
  • xenAtendo
  • User Albums
  • Showcase
and many small add-ons.

What will happen to Chris Deemings Xen Media Gallery (version 1.5, then upgrade to 2.0 very soon), please?
Will that addon adopt the colors of your style or will it be "destroyed" somehow because it does not fit together or what is going to happen? Is there any plan to fully support Xen Media Gallery 2.0 (when it's out) too?

In any case: thank you for your art!
Thank you.

Yes, it does support those addons. To enable support for some of them you'll need to check option in style properties.

I will add support for Xen Media Gallery when it will have convertor from User Albums addon.
That's correct behavior with centered logo.
Logo can be moved to left side and search bar can be replaced with placeholder in navigation.
Hi @Arty, i'm going to buy this great looking style ;)

One last question: as stated here, are you going to add a "static navigation" in one of the future versions of this style? :rolleyes:
Thank you.

I do plan to add that function, but can't get to implementing it. It will probably be added in next big update.
No, it works with any image format like any other style. Maybe you've mixed up upper/lower case in file name?
Found another one - when viewing on iOS, if you go to quote a post, the cursor will blink but it won't let you type. Also, the cursor will sometimes get stuck somewhere in the reply box when you're scrolling down past that point of the screen. Seems to only have started cropping up with the latest release.
Arty updated Elegance with a new update entry:

Floating navigation, Xen Media Gallery support

What's new in version 1.1.0:
  • Many bug fixes.
  • Floating navigation. It is disabled by default, you can enable it in style properties -> navigation.
  • Support for Xen Media Gallery add-on

To update from previous version import new xml file in styles section of admin control panel and overwrite the following files:
  • styles/elegance/xenforo/style.js...

Read the rest of this update entry...
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