ES 2.2 Elasticsearch indexing error



We're running XenForo with the Enhanced Search addon and search indexing is currently failing with the following error:

Elasticsearch indexing error (queued): blocked by: [FORBIDDEN/12/index read-only / allow delete (api)];

Disk space is fine on the server (50GB free) and there's nothing obvious in the (CentOS 7.9-based) server's ElasticSearch logs to offer a clue as to the possible issue.

As most of the issues with that error that I can find from a Google search relate to disk space, is there perhaps something in the ES configuration that means we're hitting a limit either in the number of records within the ES database or an overall size limit? The index is currently around 1.2GB in size.
I’ve moved this out of bugs as it’s not really a concern with the add-on itself but rather the configuration of Elasticsearch itself.

You’re correct that it generally appears to be disk space related but that would be something you would need to configure yourself and is outside the remit of support for the add-on.

There are numerous solutions mentioned here:

If someone manages the server for you or set up Elasticsearch for you then they’d be the best source of help for this.
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