Elasticsearch - facets? How to get CNet style facet results?


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So I was concidering getting Solr search set up for my VB3 forum mainly for its faceted search functionality.. See an example here http://searchhub.org/2009/09/02/faceted-search-with-solr/

But upon investigation, that looks to be expencive to get done (I still may go ahead with it..)

But I see that Xenforo has Elasticsearch (and that also has facet capabilities)

How can I get these type of Solr generated, CNET style faceted search results with Xenforo searches?

I have 7 million+ posts to make sence of!

Thanks in advance

(BTW I purchased Xenforo and the Elastic search - and plan to migrate soon)

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OK thanks

I have a guy ready.

He was going to set up Solr for me on a VB3 forum - but will get him to dive into Xenforo's Elasticsearch. (when I can afford to...)


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Is there anything I need to know about the Elastic search on Xenforo before diving into it?

Is it a full version?

Or is is stripped down/ basic / missing some functionality?

Is there a manual for it / developers guide?

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I don't understand the question. XFES simply uses elasticsearch. You have to have it running on your server already (or install it for this), like PHP, MySQL and a web server.


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XF already uses faceted search to display results for forum and members at the same time. Its quite weird that there are no faceted results for the RM and pages, while XF does display results for members separately.

The problem that many big boards have is that they have become a giant planet of dust and gas in which very little gold is found. This is a major weakness of forum software as a whole.
It would be awesome to have faceted search for categories, prefixes and tags. This would bring back the value that is buried deep within forums and threads. I do think this should be part of the paid XenForo ES product. Having faceted search available would actually be a big selling point for XF.

Anyway, I am sure that if you decide to have this developed, this would be a product that many big boards would buy. I would, once I migrate my big board.


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In fact the current implementation of ES in XF is VERY bad. It should be much better to find things in a forum compared to Google. Currently its is vice versa (the other way round).

However ES is a powerful software. It would be worth to dig into it and find and raise the hidden treasures.