Cannot reproduce Edits to multi-line text box custom fields not saving reliably

Affected version
XF 2.2.1 abcd


I noticed this after I upgraded to XF 2.2.1.

I have some custom thread fields. One is a multi line text box.

When posting a new thread, the content saves fine.

When editing the thread, sometimes the edits don't save. Clearing out the field doesn't help, I just try several more times with making random changes or none then it works.

I've only seen it on a handful of threads, others have worked fine. No commonality to the content other than garden variety english words.

No special characters, no set number of lines. No consistency in what change will allow it to work. Quite maddening that I can't tell you exactly what conditions to reproduce.

Typically less than 100 characters.

Admin user or OP.

Other custom fields (drop downs etc) work flawlessly.


Scratch the multi-line text box, its also happening for single line text boxes.

This sequence is typical, but not guaranteed repeatable.

Edit/save, does not change.
Edit/save, does not change.
Edit/save, changes.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Not seeing that in this forum.

I've edited the custom field on this thread a few times and it has updated every time.

To be clear, what is the exact process you're using to modify the field? There are two ways. Are you editing the first post of the thread? Or are you clicking the more options button menu and clicking "Edit thread" in there?

FWIW I've tried both ways and both work as expected.

Note that if you do the "Edit thread" approach the page is supposed to refresh in order to show you the updated value(s). So if you do "Edit/save" and it does not change does refreshing the page help?

If it's the other approach with editing the first post then we don't aim to do a redirect here but it might be worth still doing the refresh approach as above. This will indicate whether it's an issue with actually saving the value or whether it's just a UI issue showing the updated value.

In both cases it might be worth keeping an eye on the browser's JavaScript console in its developer tools to see if any errors occur when the redirect/UI update should occur.


Thank you.

I typically use More Options and then Edit Thread. Tweak as necessary, then Save beneath the main editor box. I do it fairly frequently to tweak things entered by members to standard format.

Next time it happens I'll try and use the Edit button beneath the main content box.

Refreshing doesn't help. I usually click the date beneath the thread title to make the thread refresh.

Only started this since 2.2 upgrade. Now that I think of it, template merging was a bit fickle this time, its usually a breeze. Maybe I should try resetting to default and re-add the few tweaks I have. Nothing fancy.


The first mod I did to my boards way back when was a template edit to move the custom field edit fields from below the main editor to above.

No problem with merges each upgrade since then, but this last time it seems like the template merging it stuffed up the braces. I didn't pick it.

I copied an un-edited version of the back in, did the same move again, seems to be all good now.

Weird that it was so intermittent.

Thanks for investigating.