XF 2 Editor's Comment as Second Post


I have a new project that I would like you to provide an estimate for. Here are the details:

Editor's Comment Add-on


1. Insert a post as the second post of a thread, when desired, even if thread is old or has many replies.
2. Post content is editable from front end.
3. Ability to add, edit, or delete Editor's comment is based on usergroup permissions.
4. If no editor's comment, thread will display as normal.
5. Editor's comment is formatted just like a regular post. Can have links, markup, etc.
6. Listing all threads with editor's comment by some means (search?) so we can find all threads with editor's comment.

Thanks in advance!


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I think the change post date add-on might work for you? So you would change the date of the most recent post (your new editor post) to between posts 1 and 2, it it should appear there. And you have group permissions for who can use the function.


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I was aware of that one yes, and this one:


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That would could be handy if you had a user called Editor you could also change the owner to that. I use that one. It works great.