Fixed Editor in RTL backspace bug!

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In RTL language such Arabic, when I write a phrase and try to delete one alphabet by clicking once using the back space is delete two phrases instead of one!!

New Froala bug I guess?!

Tested on iPhone 7+ IOS 11.3B1.

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I did some other tests,

On Android there is no problem.

On desktop win8.1/Firefox there is no problem.

So definitely it's an IOS bug :mad:

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Forget to mention this, the bug wasn’t exist in the previous version that I was running “2.0.0” and in my current forum which still running xf 1.5, I have no issue with backspace when using Arabic language “RTL”

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Unfortunately the bug still exist, I was waiting for the new Froala version to test it and the outcome not pleasant at all :(

Using IOS 11.3B4


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Well, it's apparently not fixed anyway, so it's unlikely the next release will solve anything, unfortunately.
When trying on thier site sleceting Froala Arabic editor the issue seems to be fixed but when typing on the english verison of the editor the issue is there.

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On the above URL the editor works very well but when you choose the RTL one the bug still exist whish is totally weird!!


Update , in above URL editor I noticed the backspace bug now exist when you write in english!!
You beat to it. I was about to bring this up lol.

I think xf can have both directions implemented and should roll out an exceptional release. I have notified members on our board to hit the toggle BB code button when typing to avoid the issue.