Not a bug Editor in a fixed positioned container not adjusting the menus accordingly

Affected version
Beta 7


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If you place the editor in a fixed container at the bottom of the screen, when you click a button that has a menu, the menu will be cut off.



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This is something that would need to be addressed within Froala itself or you may need to look at whether there are "hacks" to workaround the behavior (such as limiting the max height of these dropdowns). It's not a context that we use within XF so I don't think it can really be considered a bug on our end.

Froala may consider it as some sort of enhancement, though I'm not sure they will consider this as a particular use case that they are intending to cover.


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I've added a little CSS hack:

.fr-dropdown-menu, .fr-popup
    top: initial !important;
    bottom: 32px !important;
.fr-popup .fr-arrow
    display: none;
This will position the Dropdowns on top of the editor toolbar.