XF 1.2 Editing templates causes Syntax Error

Hi Community,

I am currently creating a new style for an existing xf board. Frequently, it happens that I cannot save the template anymore because of a Syntax Error in the first line where xf syntax occurs. However, I haven't changed anything in this line and it worked well before.

It usually helped to export and import the style again, and I was able to make the same changes and to save them, but not this time. Does anyone have an idea to make it work again, or something I could check?

Steve F

Well-known member
Really would need to see the template in question to be of any help. I never ran in to this myself, sometimes the error can be on a another line than the one mentioned in the error.
Hi Steve, I should have mentioned that it happens to every template which contains xf syntax.

I can modify templates without xf syntax, so it shouldn't be a database issue.