Editing "status message" while disabling profile posts


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We're currently running XenForo 1.1.2. Profile posts have always been disabled since we went live with XenForo 1.0. However, our users can no longer edit their status messages. Even myself as an admin cannot edit user's status messages via the control panel. A user's status message is visible via the control panel though .

We either would like to give members the ability to update their status messages while keeping profile posts disabled or we would like to clear all existing status messages so that this field is blank.

Thanks in advance for the help and step-by-step instructions on fixing this issue.
users > usergroup permissions > (the usergroup needing editing) > profile post permissions
users > usergroup permissions > (the usergroup needing editing) > profile post moderator permissions

All of our usergroup "Profile Post Permissions" have been disabled for registered members. How do we keep the option to post on profiles disabled and yet enable the option for users to edit "status" messages? It's not clear how to do this with the usergroup permission settings.

Or if this is not possible, how can we easily "clear" status messages for all users?
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