Editing Posts with Images - Making It More Like Images on Add Post

Dan Allen

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Regarding the editing of posts with images embedded, I am considering maybe taking a shot at an addon to XF that would make editing of posts work the same as for adding posts. I have a client who wants it, so I was thinking making it as as an addon might be the right way to to go. Really need some advice.

I wanted to ask if that was a reasonable objective for an addon, and whether the comopany already is doing the work of making edit work the same as add with regard to handling images.

Thank you.


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How do you intend? If you want the full editor, it's a simple template edit to get there, or do you mean like quick reply?

Dan Allen

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Thank you for asking.

Here is what I am looking at. When I add a post, I can paste images from the clipboard, containing a screenshot, which is not saved as a file on my computer. On some posts, I have more than 20 images I have posted this way. Skipping the saving to file and then finding the file on an open part of my screen to drag into the editor is a big time saver. It's great, until, whoops, I need to update one of the images with a different one. So I click edit, and all that is available, either in the pop up or the "more options" editor, is my text with tags to the images. Figuring out which image is the one I need to find, remove from the text and also, remove as an attachment, is chore. The attachments have names that do not appear in the tags within the text

Here is a screenshot of a post being added, followed by sceenshots of the same post being edited.

When I added this post, it looked exactly like this in the editor.
Each images was captured into the clipboard, using the capture tool that comes with Windows 7 and 8. The images were pasted diretly from the clipboard to the editor in wysisyg mode, awesome.

This is what a post looks like in ADD mode. It looks just like it does after it is posted.
Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 9.51.28 PM.png

Here is the same post, in EDIT mode. Not so intuitive. wsywig is not available.


I was thinking making EDIT work the way ADD does would be a potential add-on. However, if there are any plans for the functionality to become part of the product, I didn't want to start on something that won't be needed.

Dan Allen

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Jeremy, Is there any info or perspective you can help me with? I am getting a feeling that this question is a problem