Ability to rotate images uploaded to thread posts, like you can with images in XMG


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I still get weird rotation sometimes when I upload an image from my phone to a thread post and it comes out the wrong way around. I think maybe it sometimes happens with the exif data isn't created correctly at the point of taking the photo as opposed to exif issues server side.

Depending on what phone your using and what angle the photo is taken at, sometimes it still messes up. Sometimes I have to rotate images on my phone manually to view them properly after taking them.

As a result of this it would be really useful to have a basic rotate function that can be applied to images when creating or editing posts.

Rotate function in XMG:


Current Attached Files view under a post:


Mock up of amended version with a single 90 degree rotate button:
Only a single button would be needed and could be pressed multiple times to achieve the correct orientation.

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I use an iphone 6 which is supposed to be smart about it too, but it isn't always and it's frustrating when it seems it think it knows better and rotates the image for some reason.

If I'm viewing it on the phone it's not so bad as I can go to edit and then rotate and save it.

Even with that though it sometimes doesn't upload to a post properly.

If I'm taking a photo and uploading direct to a post there's no way of changing it without deleting the image from the post, going into the photos app, rotating and uploading again.
This isn't nearly the problem it was in vBulletin, but still, it would be useful for moderators to be able to edit, click a button, and rotate an image. Maybe with it available, even the original posters would do that.