XF 1.3 Editing Forum Permissions

I want to let guests view my forums but not all of them so need to know the best way to enable it? Do I go via admin-applications - node list - permissions - edit user group then copy the perms or go directly to user perms in admin and set the 2 top options (view) to allow?
I know its a trivial one for you guys but I need to be very sure prior to editing as there's a lot of forums to edit. Maybe I can simply edit a category perms and carry its perms thru to its forums of all are ok to view publicly?




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To restrict access to various forums for guests, edit the node permissions and revoke the View node permission for the Unregistered / Unconfirmed user group.

If the number of forums you want to restrict access to is greater than 50% of the total, it may be quicker to set the permission in the user group and then explicitly allow access for each node.
thanks for your quick response Brogan :) I forgot to add that currently the forums are all set to members only. I want to try & create more traffic/usage by making them viewable to read only access but not for all forums, some will be members only access. So its about opening up access not restricting it if you get me? It looks like I'd have to edit each forum individually and edit the guest perms to viewable...


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It looks like I'd have to edit each forum individually and edit the guest perms to viewable...
Unless guests are going to have access to all forums, that is correct.

Be aware that you only need to set it on the parent node - the permission will filter down to the child nodes.
I went into Users - unregistered... and set the top two options under forum permissions to viewable and it seems to have done the trick :) not all the forums are available without membership which is exactly how I want it so I think I can manage individual forums from here, cheers Brogan your once again a star (y)
when logged out I'm able to click on a members profile and click on their location, not a good idea for privacy :( how do I edit and stop this Brogan?