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For the most part, I have my forum set up the way that I want it. However, there are a few areas that I cannot figure out how to change. Any help would be appreciated!

1. When I hover over an item on the top nav bar it is white because the color palette template also controls my text and I wanted that white. So how do I change just the nav bar hover so I don't have to change my text color?

XenForo 6.jpg

2. When I hover over the "admin" option I get a dark box and text which is hard to read. This is not as big of an issue as the above one, but I'd still like to fix it if possible.

XenForo 7.jpg

3. The banner bar (or whatever it is called) is also tied to my text color. Eventually I will have a custom banner to replace it but I'd like to not have that white stripe across the top. How can I change that and remove/replace the XenForo text?

XenForo 8.jpg

4. The footer bar is also in white and for obvious reasons I would like to change that as well.

XenForo 9.jpg

I'd appreciate any help in fixing these as I feel those are mostly the last things that I wanto change before I feel the appearance of my forum will be to my liking :D


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.navTabs .navTab.PopupClosed:hover {
background-color: red;
#moderatorBar .adminLink:hover {
background-color: red;
3. Style Properties -> Header and Navigation -> Settings -> Header Logo Image Path (upload a new image and change the path)
Style Properties -> Header and Navigation -> Header -> Background Color

4. Style Properties -> Footer -> Main Container -> Background Color
.footer .pageContent {
background-color: red;


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Use one of the browser inspection tools, such as that built in to Chrome or Firebug if you use Firefox.

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Is there a way to detect which template area the code is in from "inspect element"? Most of them I have found but I cannot figure out where to change the name of the tabs in the navbar. I figured it would be in the add on controls but no such luck. Its the "Shoutbox" tab in the first pic a few posts ago that I'd like to rename...


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The FAQ in my signature explains how to identify the page.


Essentially though you can just search the templates for a class or content; if that doesn't work, search the phrases for the phrase content, then search the templates for the phrase.
Thanks. That helps! I do have one that I can't figure out though. When I get an alert and hover the alert tab, the alert box is white. After a second or so it goes to the preferred color. How can I change it so that it always shows the same color? My text is light so it just looks like a bright white box before it goes back to normal...