XF 1.1 Edited/Changed User Group Title: Won't display @ member's avatar


Have dutifully looked in the manual, and done forum search, looking for solution. No joy.

- Made desired change. Clicked SAVE USER GROUP.
- New title shows, as expected, on list of USER GROUPS.
- Check affected member's EDIT USER page; the changed USER GROUP title appears as expected under SECONDARY USER GROUPS. Its box is checked as it was before change, as expected.
- For good measure, clicked SAVE USER on member's EDIT USER page.
- Go into general forum. Look at member's avatar. Badge beneath avatar image still showing the old USER GROUP title. No change. Grrr!

If relevant:

- forum has Xenique custom style (know I'll have to seek help @ Resources if this the culprit)
- EDIT USER GROUP page, nothing in USER NAME CSS box
- existing USER GROUP TITLE format: xxxxxxx xxx. Desired new title: xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx.
- tried shorter version of new title, just in case too many characters is problem; no joy.
- XF 1.1.2

No doubt solution is simple. Apparently, I am too. ;)

Thanks to anyone who can help.

EDIT TO ADD: Occurs to me, might it be that appropriate CRON job has to run before desired title change takes hold?
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Running such an old version, we'd really recommend you upgrade.

However, this might be a display style priority issue. Is the group that you want the title to be displayed from the highest styling priority? If so, try rebuilding the user caches.
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