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XF 1.4 Edit Sidebar?


Well-known member
I'm afraid I can't find anything on the forums or in the manual about this - but how do you edit content in the Sidebar?

For example, on xenforo.com, the sidebar shows latest posts, whereas this does not appear in my install.

Is an additional resource required to make changes to the Sidebar without going through the templates directly?


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For example, on xenforo.com, the sidebar shows latest posts
It shows latest profile posts. You need to allow profile posts with permission and got to Options > Node & Forum List:

Set the number in New Profile Posts Display on Forum List.


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The New Profile posts block is a new feature in 1.4. XenForo is currently running this in beta to iron out any bugs. The beta is available to download for licensed customers but it currently unsupported and advised not to run on a production site.