Edit dates of posts


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We currently have an old forum which withered - will import into XF this week.
I would also like to import the contents of an email list which has been quite good at surviving, so we don't have two communication areas.

I'm willing to slog through the email list for a few hours to post each person's best posts in.
But I want to preserve the date order, not just have a bunch of stuff apparently on the same day.

Can anyone suggest a way?
(I'm doing tutorials on MySQL but nowhere near able to do things safely yet so I'm looking for an admin method.)


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Thanks Brogan as usual very solid accurate advice.

I went hunting and found this workaround.
Most of the email list is in my gmail account.
(If someone needs to do this without DB SQL work, you'd need to get the list imported into gmail)
There's an app called gmail backup which downloads gmail content. The result textfile has the labels (gmail tags) so could be edited for the label pre-attached to this list (or another group of emails).