XF 1.5 Edit Colour Based on Usergroup


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So I know all about Conditional statements. However, I have yet to find one for what I want.
What I am trying to achieve is changing a border colour on someone's profile based on what usergroup they are in. (Not the person browsing the profile, but the user of the profile)

Example of what I mean
Usergroup One: https://snaap.me/kiqfgn
Usergroup Two: https://snaap.me/ERsU3Q
Usergroup Three: https://snaap.me/Kx5oGk
Usergroup Four: https://snaap.me/4m84Bj

Etc etc etc....

So basically the top colour is based on the usergroup of the profile you are visiting. how can this be achieved?


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An example of this is for messages, I did something similar. I did this:
{xen:helper ismemberof, $message, 3}
<div class="messageHeading <xen:if is="{xen:helper ismemberof, $message, 3}">messageHeadingAdmin</xen:if>">

This says if the user of the message is an admin, add the "messageHeadingAdmin" class to it. I want something similar but instead of messages, for profiles.