Lack of interest Edit Button Beside Postbit Text


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I was on a forum today and thought... it would be awesome if the icons beside the text in the postbit were actually editable.

Where I click on an icon, and it instantly allows me to edit the text... from married to unmarried, from republican to whatever.


That would be an awesome feature.


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To extend on this, I think a lot of content on the xenforo boards would be a lot more '2017 and up' (or modern i guess the term is) if it would have better and a bit more in-line editing for certain stuff, like that. I know tech limits, and performance hits (especially for bigger boards) could be a reason. But, my board isn't that big, not a million posts yet, it really wouldn't hurt us.


... I agree.

Click "edit page" and everything you see on that page, you can customise from the size and style of text, to background colours, anything you see.